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Have an idea but need a creative team to help you? We have all the  tools you'll need! Our pool of experienced writers, storyboard artists, music producers, and cinematographers can create your ideas into reality.

Our production team works as a solid unit. From planning to shoot, we are trained to take the best steps possible to ensure the most professional 

quality with every video output we deliver.

The post team is equipped with various up-to-date editing softwares. With our experienced editors, we take the initiative to produce high resolution videos with a gripping sense of creating not just moving pictures, but a great storyline.

Sound and music are the backbones of great videos and films. We offer clients the advantage of creating original scores as well as offering a professional studio for voice-overs, dubbing and sound design. 

Our pool of photographers have the most experience in workflow when it comes to shooting and styling. From food to events, we capture all moments with our range of cameras. 

We offer wired event coverage with live feed for online platforms such as Facebook live or Youtube streaming. Complete with 2-cam set up and a reliable internet provider for fast video upload.

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